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Major Forex Pairs

Introduction to Major Forex Pairs

Major forex pairs are the cornerstone of forex trading, offering exceptional opportunities for traders seeking liquidity and substantial trading volumes. These pairs form a solid foundation for your trading success and provide a chance to diversify your portfolio effectively. 

Major forex pairs refer to the most actively traded currency pairs in the forex market. They involve currencies from influential global economies, making them highly sought after by traders worldwide. Examples of major forex pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and AUD/USD, among others. Trading major currency pairs offer significant advantages, primarily due to their liquidity and market depth. By focusing on these pairs, you gain access to substantial trading volumes, ensuring seamless trade execution and efficiency. The increased liquidity translates to tighter spreads and lower transaction costs, maximizing your profit potential. Traders often choose to diversify their portfolio by including not only major forex pairs but also minor forex pairs and exotic forex pairs as an investment strategy.

Explore Major Forex Pairs with zForex!

At zForex, we provide a comprehensive trading environment specifically designed for major forex pairs. Our advanced forex trading platform equips you with cutting-edge tools and features to navigate the dynamic forex market effortlessly. Trade with low commissions, stay informed with real-time market data, leverage robust charting capabilities, and utilize customizable indicators to make well-informed trading decisions.

Immerse yourself in the world of major forex trading with zForex to diversify your portfolio and capitalize on market movements. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-tier customer support, educational resources, and valuable market insights to enhance your trading skills. Join zForex today and trade the most influential major forex currencies and discover your full potential for profitable trades. Your journey to forex success starts here with zForex!

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SymbolDescriptionDigitsContract SizeMin VolumeMax VolumeAverage Spread
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar vs US Dollar51000000,01100.00005
EURUSDEuro vs US Dollar51000000,01100.00005
GBPUSDGreat Britain Pound vs US Dollar51000000,01100.00005
USDCADUS Dollar vs Canadian Dollar51000000,01100.00005
USDCHFUS Dollar vs Swiss Franc51000000,01100.00005
USDJPYUS Dollar vs Japanese Yen31000000,01100.005
SymbolTrading Time
AUDUSDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURUSDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
GBPUSDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
USDCADMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
USDCHFMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
USDJPYMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
SymbolSwap LongSwap ShortSwap Weekend
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