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zFOREX Brokerage has prepared this Privacy Policy to provide an overview and explanation of how to deal with the personal information of people who are users of our website.
According to zForex's privacy policy, it is committed to protecting the personal information that its users allow to be collected for the purpose of data processing. Thus, in order to be fully aware of zForex's privacy policy, it is necessary to read this document.
This document contains the following items regarding personal information and a glossary, which we suggest reading for a better understanding of specialized terms.

1. Words and terms of the agreement
2. About zForex
3. What information is collected by zForex?
4. To whom is the information provided?
5. What are the customer's requests?
6 - Security arrangements

1. Words and terms of the agreement
In this document, "zForex" and "we" mean zForex Capital Market LLC with registration number 2145 LLC 2022.
Information - includes personal details, photos, residential addresses, bank accounts, pins, likes, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., which are provided voluntarily and all of which are considered personal information.
Customer - any natural person who has used or wants to use the company's services.
Personal data - any data or information related to an identified or identifiable individual.
Processing - any action related to personal information and data, recording, storage, transmission, deletion, etc.
Services - types of services provided by the company

2. What information is collected by zForex?
The following information is collected by zForex
2.1. Identification information of natural persons - including name, surname, tax identification number, marital status, date of birth, details of identification documents (ex: passport number or copy).
2.2. Contact information - home address, phone number, email address and other items if needed;
2.3. Financial information – bank account number, bank account balance, annual income, wealth, transactions and other similar information;
2.4. Work history - if there is any information related to job, education level, workplace, business activities, employer.
2.5. Information about customer preferences and habits – customer data and information related to services used, personal preferences, surveys, contests and campaigns in which they participate.
2.6. Information collected automatically when you use the website or mobile or online applications is managed or owned by the Company.
2.7. Technical information and unique identifiers - Internet Protocol (IP) address, login information, browser information, time zone, etc.;
2.8. Cookie data used by the company's websites and mobile applications.

3. What are the reasons and purposes of personal data processing?
3.1. The processing of personal data is necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract. We collect information for the following purposes in order to provide better services to all our users.
* Compliance with the company's legal obligations
* Protecting the legitimate interests of the company or a third party
*If the company receives the customer's satisfaction
*This company primarily processes personal data for the following purposes
* Providing free online and mobile services and resources
*To send administrative information, including policy updates and changes to contract terms
*Provide the Customer with information about services, products, educational materials, upcoming events and other relevant information that may be useful to the Customer in relation to Company offers and other resources.
*To assess and mitigate risks related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing as well

4. To whom is the information provided?
4.1. The information on the subject of this document is provided to the relevant institutions only during judicial proceedings and/or in response to the order of the competent judicial authorities.

5. Request for personal information
Under certain conditions, you can request any of the following regarding your personal information:
5-1- Request access to your personal information that is available to zForex.
5-2- Request to complete incomplete information or correct incorrect information available to zForex.
5-3- Request to delete or erase personal information; In this regard, zForex will review your request and delete or erase information only within the framework that the law allows and will inform you accordingly.
5-4- Declaration of non-satisfaction to the collection, storage, processing and distribution of personal information in cases where these actions require your consent according to the law; In this regard, zForex will review your request and act only within the framework allowed by the law and inform you accordingly. As mentioned earlier, the lack of market access to some information may prevent the provision of all or some services or the proper functioning of the site or program.

6 - Security arrangements
6.1- zFOREX brokers take all appropriate security measures to ensure that data/personal data collected and stored in connection with your visit to the website and/or in connection with the services provided by zFOREX are protected against any Protect against unauthorized access, misuse, loss.
6.2- Access to personal data is limited to zFOREX employees, and third-party service providers who have access to it for the processing of the agreement between zFOREX Brokerage and you, all on a "need to know" and assistance basis, and only to perform all Obligations are due to existing agreements between the parties.
6.3- zFOREX brokerage is providing services to you by using the most up-to-date security technologies and security standards.
6.4- Any data transmission over the Internet is at your own risk, although we will use all security measures to protect your personal data. Please note that all your actions while using this website may be recorded and analyzed for various purposes, including security, marketing and system monitoring purposes.

You can send your requests to the email address [email protected].

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