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Deposits and Withdrawals Made Easy

We place great emphasis on ensuring that you experience the management of your financial assets with the highest level of professionalism and precision. We have carefully designed our deposit and withdrawal processes to ensure the highest level of professionalism and precision.

At zForex, we want your financial transactions to be simple and hassle-free. Our easy deposit and withdrawal processes let you concentrate on your main goal: growing your trading account and reaching your financial targets. When you partner with us, you can trust in professionalism, security, and a great financial experience. To get started, see the payment methods we offer and begin your path to financial success today.

*Commission rates or Network fees may vary by the provider or markets. While our company does not charge any commission, the commission rates are determined by the provider.
**If the transaction request occurs between 06 PM and 06 AM according to the GMT+3 time zone, the execution time may take up to T+1 day depending on the correspondent bank's status.

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Payment MethodMinimum AmountCommission (%)Execution Time
SticPay0 $%0InstantDeposit
VND30000 ₫%0Same DayDeposit
IDR20000 Rp%0Same DayDeposit
THB100 ฿%0Same DayDeposit
MYR10 RM%0Same DayDeposit
PHP100 ₱%0Same DayDeposit
FasaPay(USD)10 $%0InstantDeposit
FasaPay(IDR)10 Rp%0InstantDeposit
USDT_TRX10 $%0InstantDeposit
USDT_ETH15 $%0InstantDeposit
ETH10 $%0InstantDeposit
BTC10 $%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_JPY40000 ¥%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_INR500 ₹%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_CNY425 ¥%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_VND100000 ₫%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_THB500 ฿%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_MYR50 RM%0InstantDeposit
PlusDebit_IDR100000 Rp%0InstantDeposit
PerfectMoney10 $%0InstantDeposit
PaymentAsia_IDR50000 Rp%0InstantDeposit
PaymentAsia_VND60000 ₫%0InstantDeposit
PaymentAsia_MYR10 RM%0InstantDeposit
Payment MethodMinimum AmountCommission (%)*Execution Time
SticPay10 $%2.5+$0.3Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
VND5 ₫%1.5Same Day**Withdrawal
IDR5 Rp%1.5Same Day**Withdrawal
THB5 ฿%1.5Same Day**Withdrawal
MYR5 RM%1.5Same Day**Withdrawal
PHP5 ₱%1.5Same Day**Withdrawal
FasaPay(USD)10 $%0Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
FasaPay(IDR)10 Rp%0Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
USDT_TRX10 $%0Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
USDT_ETH10 $%0Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
ETH10 $%0Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
BTC10 $%0Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_JPY10 ¥%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_INR10 ₹%6Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_CNY10 ¥%6Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_VND5 ₫%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_THB20 ฿%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_MYR20 RM%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PlusDebit_IDR10 Rp%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PerfectMoney10 $%0.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PaymentAsia_IDR5 Rp%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PaymentAsia_VND5 ₫%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal
PaymentAsia_MYR5 RM%1.5Within 1 working dayWithdrawal

Effortless Deposits

zForex offers a wide range of payment methods to simplify the process of your deposits. We are pioneers in introducing cutting-edge financial innovations and accept popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the assistance of our advanced interface, we guide you through the deposit process step-by-step and ensure that your funds are made available for trading quickly.

Our commitment to seamless deposit experiences goes beyond the choice of payment method. At zForex, we place a high priority on security and efficiency, and use advanced encryption technologies to protect your financial information. You can trust that your deposits are not only effortless but also protected, so you can focus on your trading strategies and investment goals with confidence.

Safe Withdrawals

Fast and secure transactions are super important when you want to enjoy the rewards of your successful trading. Our experienced team handles your money requests with care to make sure your funds get to you quickly, the way you want them. We really focus on being efficient, so your money is available when you need it, without unnecessary complications or delays.

In addition, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your withdrawals. We know that financial transactions can sometimes be complicated, and we aim to make your experience as straightforward as possible. Your financial well-being is our priority, and we want to make sure your funds are always available and you have a hassle-free withdrawal process.

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