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Navigating Forex Minors

When it comes to forex trading, major currency pairs tend to steal the spotlight. However, there is another category of currency pairs that shouldn't be overlooked: minor currency pairs, also known as forex minors. These pairs involve currencies from smaller economies in the global market. Trading forex minors can offer unique opportunities for traders looking to diversify their portfolios and expand their trading strategies. While major pairs dominate trading volumes, minor pairs can provide alternative avenues for profit generation.

Some of the best minor currency pairs to trade include EUR/JPY, GBP/AUD, AUD/CAD, NZD/JPY, and many more. These pairs can offer increased volatility, presenting potential opportunities for traders to capitalize on price movements and generate returns. By incorporating minor forex pairs into your portfolio, you can gain exposure to different markets and reduce dependency on major pairs alone. Diversifying your currency selection can help spread risk and potentially enhance your overall trading performance.

Exploring Forex Minors with zForex

It's important to choose a reputable broker that offers competitive pricing and reliable execution for trading minor currency pairs. At zForex, we help our traders navigate the intricacies of minor currency pairs with low transaction fees and provide a comprehensive selection of forex minors. By staying informed with zForex's daily analysis on global markets, traders can strategize their investment plans with informed decisions. Our forex trading platform offers real-time market data, intuitive charting tools, and reliable execution, empowering you to make well-informed trading decisions. Our traders can execute their minor forex pairs transactions quickly and efficiently using the MetaTrader 5 platform.

Discover the potential of minor currency pairs and expand your trading horizons. Explore the opportunities presented by forex minors at zForex and unlock new possibilities in the dynamic currency market. Start exploring forex minors today and embrace the diverse world of currency trading.

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SymbolDescriptionDigitsContract SizeMin VolumeMax VolumeAverage Spread
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc51000000,01100.00006
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar51000000,01100.00008
CADCHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc51000000,01100.00007
CADJPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen31000000,01100.010
CHFJPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese Yen31000000,01100.012
EURAUDEuro vs Australian Dollar51000000,01100.00006
EURCADEuro vs Canadian Dollar51000000,01100.00009
EURCHFEuro vs Swiss Franc51000000,01100.00007
EURGBPEuro vs Great Britain Pound51000000,01100.00004
EURJPYEuro vs Japanese Yen31000000,01100.005
EURNZDEuro vs New Zealand Dollar51000000,01100.00016
GBPAUDGreat Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar51000000,01100.00007
GBPCADGreat Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar51000000,01100.00009
GBPCHFGreat Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc51000000,01100.00006
GBPJPYGreat Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen31000000,01100.009
GBPNZDGreat Britain Pound vs New Zealand Dollar51000000,01100.00019
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar51000000,01100.00008
NZDCHFNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc51000000,01100.00005
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen31000000,01100.012
NZDUSDNew Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar51000000,01100.00005
USDSGDUS Dollar vs Singapore Dollar51000000,01100.00020
SymbolTrading Time
AUDCHFMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
AUDNZDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
CADCHFMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
CADJPYMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
CHFJPYMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURAUDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURCADMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURCHFMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURGBPMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURJPYMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
EURNZDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
GBPAUDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
GBPCADMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
GBPCHFMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
GBPJPYMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
GBPNZDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
NZDCADMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
NZDCHFMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
NZDJPYMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
NZDUSDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
USDSGDMon-Fri: 00:00-24:00
SymbolSwap LongSwap ShortSwap Weekend
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