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Precious Metals Trading

Trading Precious Metals with a Global Broker

Metal trading presents traders with an appealing opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios and capitalize on global market trends. Trading metals opens doors to valuable commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium within the forex market.

Whether you are gold trading or silver trading, developing effective metal trading strategies is crucial for consistent profitability. Whether you prefer trend-following strategies, range trading, or breakout strategies, adapt your approach to suit the unique characteristics of metal pairs. Experiment, and refine your strategies by using a demo account to align with your risk tolerance and trading style.

It is advisable to keep a close eye on metal prices as they can experience significant volatility. Volatility presents both opportunities and risks, so stay vigilant and use appropriate risk management techniques. To take advantage of the trading metals experience fully, traders are advised to follow metal news and stay updated on economic releases, central bank decisions, and geopolitical events that can impact metal prices.

Embark on Your Metal Trading Journey with zForex

Trading metals is beneficial for traders who are interested in diversifying their portfolios. While analyzing the market, be on the lookout for metal trading signals. These signals, generated by technical or fundamental analysis, can provide insights into potential trading opportunities.

As a global metal broker, zForex empowers traders with a comprehensive range of tools and resources to facilitate informed decision-making and execute profitable trades. With real-time market data, cutting-edge trading tools, and access to educational materials, our online metal trading platform equips traders with the necessary instruments to navigate the metals market effectively. Our metal trading services ensure a seamless trading experience with low transaction costs, enabling you to stay ahead of market trends, monitor price fluctuations, and execute trade swiftly and efficiently.

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SymbolDescriptionDigitsContract SizeMin VolumeMax VolumeAverage Spread
XAUUSDSpot Gold 100Oz 21000,1200.13
XAGUSDSpot Silver 5000 Oz 350000,01200.012
XAGEURSpot Silver 5000 Oz VS Euro350000,01200.012
XPTUSDSpot Platinum 10 Oz21000,1202.85
XPDUSDSpot Palladium 10 Oz21000,12012
XAUEURSpot Gold 100Oz vs Euro21000,1200.13
SymbolTrading Time
XAUUSDMon-Fri: 01:00-24:00
XAGUSDMon-Fri: 01:00-24:00
XAGEURMon-Fri: 01:00-24:00
XPTUSDMon-Fri: 01:00-24:00
XPDUSDMon-Fri: 01:00-24:00
XAUEURMon-Fri: 01:00-24:00
SymbolSwap LongSwap ShortSwap Weekend
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