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Fed's Powell Cautious on Policy with High Inflation

Fed's Powell Cautious on Policy with High Inflation

Fed's Powell Cautious on Policy with High Inflation

  • Powell emphasizes inflation remains high, suggesting interest rates stay elevated for an extended period.
  • Fed adopts a cautious stance, prepared to maintain the key interest rate at 5.3% to combat inflation as needed.

Inflation Declines Slower Than Expected

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's recent speech indicated a cautious approach to monetary policy, emphasizing that inflation remains persistently high and the path to reducing it may be longer than previously anticipated. Powell acknowledged that inflation is declining slower than expected, suggesting that interest rates will likely remain high for an extended period. This reflects a shift from the rapid disinflation experienced in 2023, which has since slowed considerably.

Powell expressed that the next move by the Fed is unlikely to be a rate hike, based on current data. This sentiment was echoed in the market's response, with Treasury yields edging lower and futures traders adjusting their expectations for a potential rate cut later in the year. Despite this, Powell called the labor market "very, very strong," indicating no immediate concerns from the Fed officials regarding recent job gains.

Fed Ready to Keep the Interest Rate at 5.3%

The Fed Chair noted that while some components of inflation showed easing, the overall trend remains uncertain, and it's unclear whether inflation will be more persistent going forward. The Producer Price Index (PPI), a measure of wholesale costs, rose unexpectedly in April, driven by a surge in services prices, complicating the inflation outlook.

Powell's comments suggest that the Fed is adopting a cautious stance, maintaining interest rates at the highest level in over two decades while looking for evidence that inflation is resuming its downward trajectory. This approach is reinforced by the Fed's preparedness to keep the key interest rate at 5.3%, a 23-year high, to combat inflation as necessary. Powell's remarks have set expectations for a cautious and measured approach to future rate adjustments, with the possibility of cuts later in the year if inflationary pressures subside.

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