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Swap-Free Account

Our Swap-Free Account is designed to provide a convenient and flexible trading option for traders. Opening a Swap-Free Account is a simple process that allows you to begin your trading journey with utmost convenience and flexibility.

To ensure competitive pricing and efficient trade execution, our Swap-Free Account offers a tight spread of just 0.7 pip. This means that you can enter and exit positions at favorable prices, maximizing your trading opportunities.

Flexibility is key in trading, which is why our Swap-Free Account allows you to start with a minimum trade size of 0.01 lot. This provides you with the freedom to manage your positions according to your risk tolerance and trading strategy, whether you prefer smaller or larger positions

Secure Risk Management for Your Swap-Free Account

Our Swap-Free Account provides a maximum leverage of 1:1000. This allows you to potentially amplify your trading power, using a relatively small amount of capital. It's important to keep in mind that higher leverage also involves increased risk, so responsible risk management is crucial.

With our Swap-Free Account, you have the convenience of holding positions overnight without worrying about swap charges. This means that you can extend your trading time horizon and make decisions based on market conditions, without incurring any interest-related costs.

To support your risk management efforts, our Swap-Free Account incorporates a margin call level of 100%. You will receive notifications when your account's margin level approaches the minimum required threshold, helping you stay informed about your account's status and make well-informed trading decisions.

We also have a stop-out level of 30% in place to protect your account from excessive losses. If your equity falls below 30% of the required margin, your positions will be automatically closed. This helps safeguard your capital and prevent significant drawdowns.

Open a Swap-Free Account today and enjoy a seamless trading experience that combines convenience, competitive pricing, and effective risk management. Start trading with confidence and take advantage of the benefits offered by our Swap-Free Account!


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